Our colocation solutions enable you to construct hybrid                                                                                                                    architectures by connecting to cloud providers.

Choose Your Colocation Plan

Our colocation hosting is available in three versions, each differing in size, tailored to the needs of your business or website. Whether you require a ton of hosting space (46U) or will get by with one to three Single Units (1 – 4U), we have the right colocation hosting for you. Moreover, our servers located throughout the world, with data-centers in the USA and The Netherlands.

Colocation 1U

  • 1U Rackspace
  • 50TB Traffic (1Gbps)
  • 0.5 Ampere included
  • 1x IPV4
  • 1x Management port (ipmi)
  • DDoS protection

Colocation 2U

  • 2U Rackspace
  • 50TB Traffic (1Gbps)
  • 0.5 Ampere included
  • 1x IPV4
  • 1x Management port (ipmi)
  • DDoS protection

Colocation 4U

  • 4U Rackspace
  • 50TB Traffic (1Gbps)
  • 0.5 Ampere included
  • 1x IPV4
  • 1x Management port (ipmi)
  • DDoS protection

All package are ex VAT.

Included In All Colocation Packages

Evonets Colocation Features

The best hosting features you need in one convenient place.

DDoS protection

Every Colocated server in our network is automaticly protected against the most common DDoS attacks

Premium Network

Get your server in our rack and have the benefits of our premium network without the costs of it.


We keep things cool, also your server. In the datacenter we make use of cold and warm corridors.

What is Colocation?

Colocation, or coloc, is a hosting service in which you rent a server, rather than renting the server space. Whereas with a dedicated server, the server is still ‘ours’, with colocation you rent the server in its entirety, meaning the server is ‘yours’. As opposed to paying for the space on the server, with colocation you pay a ‘rental price’. As such, colocation is a different hosting system altogether, and of course that comes with its own perks.

What Exactly Does 'Server Colocation' Mean?

The practice of hosting an organization’s computing, storage, networking, and security hardware in a purpose-built data centre owned and maintained by a partner is known as “server colocation.”

Using a data centre eliminates the need for your company to invest money and resources in server storage on its own premises. You simply place your current equipment in pre-built racks, and the data centre handles the rest.

The Benefits Of Colocation

Why choose colocation?

Naturally, the benefits of colocation are financial. Because you are renting a server, rather than buying server space, there is no upfront investment needed. Other advantages of colocation include the physical safety of your server, as it is placed in a trusted data center, and the additional facilities of a data center such as cooling systems and back-up generators in case they’re needed. All that is included in your monthly fee, that is determined based on the ‘rack space’ you need.

What is rackspace and how much do you need?

The physical space you rent in server-cabinet, or server-rack, is called rackspace. It is, quite literally, the amount of space in a rack. This amount is measured in U, rack-units. As such, the more U, the more space and the larger the server. And, of course, the larger the server, the more storage space and capacity. At Evonets, you can rent out 1 to 46U of rack-space, ranging from Single Units to a Full Rack. Not quite sure how much space you require? We’ll be glad to assist you in choosing the right colocation hosting and rackspace.

Very Reliable

Power outages and network connectivity issues are major IT operations disruptors, and any downtime in business-critical or customer-facing IT systems will result in a loss of business and reputation. Colocation servers are extremely reliable leaving you with a peace of mind.


Infrastructure Provided

Building fabric, power feeds, cooling systems, generators, CCTV cameras, 24/7 maintenance engineers, and backup servers are all provided by the data centre. Colocation servers are cost effective. For you, this means benefitting from economies of scale.


How Safe Is A Colocation Server?

Enterprise clients have always liked to see bells and whistles in data centers, such as lighting on servers. But that thinking is steadily shifting toward cloud computing or hybrid solutions that combine physical hardware and the cloud. Customers now want to know that the space, electricity, and security are as close to 100 per cent dependable 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year as feasible. They don’t want to question these fundamental principles.

Because colocation solutions are essentially shared space and outside of the enterprise’s direct control, clients are extra cautious about security. Physical security is handled differently by each colocation provider, but the core principles are the same. Any world-class colocation provider’s environment will have a set of basic security mechanisms in place. See below for the 5 rings of colocation data security.

5 Data Center Security Rings

ACLs on routers and firewalls aren’t enough to secure a data center. A minimum of “five rings of security” is required for physical colocation. These five security elements are required for all colocation providers and include everything from outdoor public places to individual server housings.

  1. Is the building’s perimeter safe, and are there security features to access the facility, such as cameras that cover the building’s outside in 360 degrees, biometric readers, and/or security guards?
  2. Entering the man trap – A mix of pin biometric and card security procedures, as well as anti-tailgating measures, should be in place to access the main trap.
  3. Exiting the man trap – After entering the man trap, extra biometric security checks must be completed before leaving the area.
  4. Before gaining access to the colocation white space, another set of biometric hand scanners and card readers should be installed.
  5. Getting into or out of a cage or cabinet – The innermost ring is for getting into or out of a cage or cabinet. At the very least, a key is used, but for enhanced security, dual authentication with pin and biometrics is used.

These five layers of data center security are in addition to any on-site security staff and data center security cameras.

Why You Should Consider Colocation Hosting

Businesses can use colocation hosting to avoid making an initial investment in creating their physical infrastructure and instead develop their own facilities. Instead, organizations may reap various other data center benefits by’sharing’ the facility with a third party. Not to mention that demand for colocation facilities is increasing, so firms may find that relocating to a colocation facility is more cost-effective in the short and long term.

Businesses that want an external home for their network infrastructure might choose a colocation facility as a flexible option. Colocation data centers not only house physical gear, but they also provide several benefits in terms of network security and bandwidth, as well as recurring expenses.

Colocation by Evonets

Colocation requires you to rent, manage and supervise your own server. However, finding out where and how to rent your server can be a tricky ordeal. That’s where we come in, with knowledge of and experience with trustworthy data-centers and servers around the world. Moreover, you can still leave all the server-management to us, if you’d like, and enjoy 24/7 technical support. And even if you do decide to manage on your own, colocation through Evonets offers you the possibility to enjoy additional services such as free migration or help building/setting up your website. 

You're Our Priority

No mather how big we grow, in support we always be small and personal.

Game vps Minecraft Java Server


We want to stay close to our clients and give the best support needed. It should not mather how big you are, support is our main goal on every big or small client.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

We are only running our servers on top of the line enterprise hardware.
We use XEON processors and ECC memory, every server is in RAID 10 configured for maximum speed and reliablity. We do everything to make your KVM VPS stable and fast!

Cloud-Powered VPS

KVM is the best technology for running VPS servers. Every VPS with us has dedicated RAM and Disk, we never oversell our servers like many providers do. This way you can be sure to get the maximum out of your KVM VPS.

Ready to Rack Your Server?

Send us your server or rack it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can ship your server to us and we will rack the server for you.

Yes, contact us for a quote.

Yes, you can login into your own ipmi to control and configure your server.

In case of a disk failure you can just ship your disk to us and we will replace it. For other things we charge €20,00 ex vat for 15 minutes.